Dear Customers and Partners,

ATTICA GROUP, driven by a high sense of responsibility, actively and consistently participates in the collective effort to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Our Group has been closely monitoring this emerging situation since its beginning; we are in constant communication with the National Public Health Organization (EODY) and adhere strictly to the guidelines of all competent Authorities as to the appropriate protection and prevention measures.

Our primary concern is the health of our passengers, of our partners and employees. At the same time, we are fully aware of our key role in ensuring the territorial cohesion of our country and maintaining the unimpeded flow of supplies to our islands.

To that end, already since the first incidents in Italy, we have applied a series of precautionary measures to all our vessels and building facilities.

We have formed a special Crisis Task Force, in order to maintain constant update and continuous collaboration with EODY and all competent Authorities of the countries we operate in, thus ensuring the implementation of the appropriate measures for the protection of our passengers, crew and onshore personnel and for the implementation of a specialized business continuity plan for Attica Group.

All our office staff, our crew and our partners have received specific prevention guidelines, as well as guidelines on the actions which they are required to follow should symptoms of illness occur.

Our vessels’ crew are duly trained on health and hygiene issues and have received all specialized guidance by the Authorities on the necessary precautionary measures against Covid-19; at the same time, they have been fully instructed on how to handle any suspected case on board, in cooperation with the Authorities.

Our vessels are furnished with the appropriate equipment (masks, gloves, special kits); special cabins have been made available on each vessel, in order to isolate any individual incident, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew.

All our vessels are equipped with antiseptic solution for the personal hygiene of passengers and crew.

Cleaning and purification of the air conditioning units, cabins and common areas of our vessels, have been intensified and our crew members have been trained to regularly disinfect all vessel areas, with the use of the indicated by the Authorities products.

Certified cleaning services partners have already carried out precautionary disinfections in all our vessels and in our building premises, repeated at regular intervals.

During voyage, we provide constant reminders to our passengers to comply with precaution guidelines, through informational messages displayed on each vessel's monitors. At the same time, our crew members make frequent announcements and recommendations for maintaining the necessary distances among passengers during their stay in one of our lounges, bars or external areas of the vessels and to prevent overcrowding during their disembarkation from the vessel.

We have duly instructed our employees to abstain from in-person meetings or unnecessary transportations; we have implemented a technology driven business continuity plan enabling over 80% of our onshore personnel to work remotely, while maintaining only minimum security staff in our offices.

We have suspended all business trips (within Greece and abroad) and in-person meetings with external partners, opting for telephone communication, videoconference or teleconference, even for internal meetings.

Most importantly: we have communicated to all our employees, at sea and ashore, the need not only for social responsibility, a top priority for us since years, but also for personal responsibility.

All of us in ATTICA GROUP, each one personally, assure you that we will do our utmost to ensure your safety, our safety, the safety of our families and of our society as a whole.

We kindly ask you for your understanding, your cooperation, and your compliance with the guidelines of the Greek State and of the Authorities, so that we may soon be able to travel together again, without hindrances, on the most beautiful journey, "With you as our destination!”

Kallithea, March 27, 2020


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