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Public Health Passenger Form for the Route Algeciras – Tanger Med

Public Health / Passenger Locator Form for the Route Tanger Med – Algeciras

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Temporary Suspension of the maritime Links between Morocco and Spain. 

As part of the reinforcement of the measures taken by the Kingdom of Morocco to contain the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, access to Moroccan ports is temporarily suspended for all pleasure, cruise and passenger vessels. The above measure refers only to passenger traffic (i.e. passengers – private cars – buses - campers, etc.), while the transportation of trucks is not suspended (i.e. the vessels transport only trucks and the respective cargo drivers).

Measures for travel between Morocco and Spain.

In AFRICA MOROCCO LINK, driven by a high degree of responsibility, we actively participate in the collective effort to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as well as in the protection of public health, following the appropriate instructions of the competent public health authorities in the countries we operate.

With consistency and responsibility, we continue to implement an array of measures on our vessels, before and during the trip, in order to safeguard the health of both our passengers and our crew.

Our highest priority is to protect you; from the moment you book your ticket until you reach your final destination. We take all necessary measures to welcome you when you are ready to travel with us again.


  • We have intensified the processes of cleaning and disinfection of cabins and public areas. Our crew members have been trained to disinfect all areas of the vessel at regular intervals, using appropriate and certified disinfectants. In addition, a specialized certified partner is frequently performing microbial disinfection of all areas with the cold spray method (ULV).
  • Our vessels have continuously (24-hours) operating air conditioning units, with air filtration systems that provide natural air inside the vessels. Fast speed air renewal ensures a clean environment inside the cabins and the public areas. In addition, cleaning with certified chemicals and change of the filters of each unit is performed frequently.
  • Linen is cleaned and disinfected following all the prescribed health protocols: washing is performed per type of linen with the appropriate detergents at proper temperatures while linen is ironed at a temperature of 170o-180οC.
  • Each vessel has the appropriate protective equipment (PPE) (masks, gloves, special kit), while special cabins (οr areas) have been designated in order to isolate any suspicious individual case, ensuring the health of passengers and crew.
  • Morocco Star has been inspected and certified for compliance with the “SAFEGUARD” label requirements by Bureau Veritas (BV) (World leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services). BV verifies that our vessels fully implement the required hygiene procedures and measures in order to address biological risks, as posed by COVID-19, aiming to protect public health.
  • The crew of our vessels is fully trained on hygiene and precautionary matters for Covid-19, and they are properly informed in order to handle any suspect case on board in cooperation with the competent Authorities.
  • The spacious exterior deck areas of our vessels are ideal for every trip.


  • Book your ticket in advance at one of our Premium Sales Agents or your preferred travel agent or online at You may book your ticket also at one of the AML points of sale on the Spanish and Moroccan highways.
  • Route Algeciras – Tanger Med: Before boarding, every passenger is required to complete the Public Heath Passenger Form and to present it with the ticket to the vessel’s officers during embarkation.
  • Route Tanger Med – Algeciras: Before boarding, every passenger is required to complete the Public Health / Passenger Locator Form and to present it with the ticket to the vessel’s officers during embarkation. This form will be submitted upon arrival to Algeciras port to the competent Authorities. The completion of the Public Heath Form must be done before arriving in Spain electronically through the internet address: or through the free application SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SPTH. Once the form is completed, the passenger will be provided with a QR code, which must be presented at the health checks upon arrival in Spain.
  • It is highly recommended that passengers arrive at the port of departure on time in order to facilitate the check-in process.
  • Passengers should not travel if they have symptoms of COVID-19 infection (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms) or have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient the past 14 days before the trip.
  • Temperature checks will be performed on all passengers and truck drivers before boarding.
  • Upon arriving at their destination, passengers may be subject to other control measures taken by the respective country.


  • Passengers are required to wear their mask throughout the duration of the trip in all public areas. Please cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use an antiseptic solution, available on all our vessels. Avoid contact of hands with the face (eyes, nose, mouth).
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meter from other passengers.  No more than two (2) passengers should sit together, unless they are travelling together.
  • Floor markings clearly indicate the safety distances between passengers in all queueing areas (passport control, bars, restaurants, reception, etc.)
  • In all public areas, numerous seats have been clearly marked as “not available.” Please respect these signs.
  • Protective plexiglass dividers have been placed at the reception desk, self-service cashier desk and the police officers passport control desk / office of our vessels.
  • The use of elevators is not recommended.  
  • We apply strict operational measures to all vessels’ catering facilities. Dishes and cutlery are washed in professional washing machines at temperatures above 70οC, ensuring the elimination of all pathogens.
  • All truck and tractor wheels are disinfected upon arrival in Morocco.
  • Passengers are well informed about COVID-19 prevention measures with continuous announcements through our public address system and messages on the vessels' monitors.
  • If passengers develop respiratory symptoms during the trip (high fever, cough or difficulties in breathing), they must report it immediately to the vessel's crew.

Thank you for choosing to travel with us!

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